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Handling the pressure

With the Super League and NRL seasons coming to an end and the RL World Cup gaining momentum, I am really missing the excitement of competing in these big games. 

For me, the big games are what I lived for. The feeling of having led the team to this stage in the competition, then figuring out a way to beat the opponent in this final game of the season is the best and most rewarding challenge. 

It can be easy to let these occasions get the better of you. The finals games are incredibly hyped up and emotions can run very high – everything that has been done over the course of the year has built up to this moment. It is the leader of the group whose job it is to ensure that the emotions are kept in check and lead by example. 

"The most important thing is to stick to the process."

There is a reason why teams get to finals - there must be a successful process that has worked throughout the season. It is important to stick to that. The play offs, semi-finals and finals are no different to any other game. You are going to win them by going through the same process that you have done to win all of the other games – working out a chink in the oppositions armour that you can take advantage of and executing the plan perfectly. 

It is exactly the same in business. When attempting to win the biggest deal/order/contract you have ever won, stick to the same process that has enabled you to win all of the other deals. Plan every detail and stick to it. There are always curveballs that are thrown your way in both sport and business, so it is also important to prepare for every eventuality.

Put all of your thoughts and energy into how you are going to win, and the rest will follow.

But finally, when the job is done and you have got the win - celebrate! Celebrate hard! Because it is one of the best feelings in the world.